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King Key is Making a Land Mark

is King Key ? Find out more about unsigned talent that's on the rise for 2020 artist like King Key continues to share his impeccable ideas with his fanbase. So who really is King Key? according to the search engines his real is David Paul Key born ( April 26 1987). He a American Rapper, songwriter from Austin Texas. Key began writing songs in 2007.

Da Baby

The baby is set to perform in in May

Blazer Barboza hits the studio with Lil Baby to Bump the new remix ''Life is Good''
Date: February 14 , 2020

Heavy Gripp LT

Future Girlfriend Buys A New House While Living On The High End
The 23- year old model is rising to fame with reaching 2 million followers on Instagram
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Kelly Q Early Life and More on Rotten Squash

Keildrick Bolling. Professionally known as Kelly Q is a Music Artist based out of Bayminette Alabama. Kelly Q grew up in a house hold with a single mother. He Grew a passion for playing the drums in the church. Before graduating his grandmother was a big influence on his life telling him to leave everything alone in the streets and to do music before he possible call trouble upon his life. After Discovering he was talented he was then supported by a close friend name Nohezzo. After realizing his undeniable talent Kelly Q decided to take music serious and pursue his dream.
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