Play Runna Laid Music and More.

Play runna is a new artist on the scene in music, relating to industry rappers like Lil Wayne of cash money. His passion for music began after seeing a few of his relative in the neighborhood pursue music. His lyric revolve around reality rap. play runna genre of Profession consists of Hip-hop/Trap. Many 2020 artist share the style of Mumble music. Playrunna laid is known for his clarity of vocal impacting the youth. Him and Yella Beezy are from the same home town. Before any recognition was giving the rappers was able to generate a local buzz for himself gaing a organic following of 2k on instagram without promotion. If You Are Curious of his Zodiac sign he's a Leo. Playrunna Video on Youtube capture 3k views within the first week of its release this video was titled ''Juice" ft.Timm Kolbair. Rotten Squash rates him 75% rapper