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Top +20 Rappers By Review of Rotten Squash :

  1. Lil Baby /81%
  2. DaBaby / 70%
  3. Jay- Z / 92%
  4. Kanye- West / 89%
  5. Drake/ 90%
  6. Lil Nas X / 71%
  7. Future/ 84%
  8. Gucci Mane/75%
  9. T.I/ 72%
  10. Kevin Gates/ 83%
  11. Designer/ 61%
  12. Yo Gotti / 69%
  13. Yung MA / 61%
  14. Meek Mills/ 76%
  15. Boosie Badazz/ 72%
  16. Kendrick Lamar / 75%
  17. Gunna /69%
  18. Cardi B/ 69%
  19. Migos /69%
  20. Eminem/ 80%
  21. Blazer Barboza 72%

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Get to know Sabathil the Hip-hop Rapper

Sabathil, is a hip-hop artist hailing from the Bronx, New York and raised in New Jersey. He currently resides in Arizona has been writing music for roughly 15 years with his late brother, Arizona artist Thaahum. Thaahum (meaning the Commander of the stars) dubbed his brother Sabathil (meaning the the universe above all). They formed a group with two other artists calling themselves “The ETMCs” short for “The Extraterrestrial MC’s”. The group, however was short lived. Following the break of the group, the dynamic brothers ventured out on their own performing at shows throughout the Arizona Hip-Hop Scene. Amongst their credits they boast opening for the group “Souls of Mischief, collaborating with film director Adam Rifkin and working with Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith). For a time they enjoyed a buzz outside of the Indie Hip-Hop realm and intertwined their music with film and comedy. The brothers created parodies of the songs “Baby Mama Drama Ills” and “Blue Balls” that were featured in the Showtime series “LOOK”.After the passing of his brother, Sabathil vowed to continue his journey through music and challenges the social norms of modern rap by stepping up his lyrical content. He released his first EP 'Alpha Centari' in December of 2018, dedicated to Thaahum, who he has promised would be completed by the end of that year.
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Discover KD Lamont
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Devyn Lamont Wilson-Cowan is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, known professionally as “KD Lamont” who was born August 6, 2000, in Lexington, Kentucky. The Lexington native started his early career in the music industry in 2020, while perfecting a smooth and lyrical vocal style. In his first six months, he released four singles, catching the attention of the Bluegrass state. Within this period of making music in a professional setting, he gained the interest of local clients who see his music as a future success. From a young age, he fell in love with the sounds of hip-hop greats, “Andre 3000”, “Lil Wayne,” Kendrick Lamar,” and “Speaker Knockerz.” With that inspiration, 2020 saw the release of his first complete album, “ Diamond In The Rough.” Songs such as “ Westbrook and KD (feat. Tay Bean)”, Valley of Hell, and The Same” surged in popularity days after the release. Whether in the studio or collaborating, KD Lamont has had a known presence within Lexington, looking to gain even more momentum as the year progresses.
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